Simply beautiful hair

At Duck & Dry, our mission is simple - to make beautiful hair more accessible. We want to encourage more women to embrace hair care and be confident in using hair styling products - to achieve effortlessly beautiful hair. We want to break the stereotypes of hair products making your hair greasy, sticky or heavy. Using our salon expertise, we have launched the Duck & Dry product range, cleverly designed with weightless formulas that can be easily layered to achieve the desired style for all hair types.

Choosing the right product for a specific hair solution or your chosen style should not be complicated. Our edit of key hair care and styling products consists of the essential products that can be easily built into your everyday beauty regime.

Combining the finest natural actives, scientific innovation and our professional know how - we want you to feel confident and embrace hair products in your skincare and body care.


Discover the Duck & Dry expertise - now in a bottle - and put your styling skills to the test.
We know what it takes to create salon perfect hair. Using our in-house know how, we have created a range of hair care and styling products needed to create a professional finish. Whatever your hair type or a go-to style, beautiful hair should not be complicated. Our range of products is easy to use and layer together without ever making your hair heavy or sticky. Go on, embrace hair styling in your beauty regime!


We emphasise the benefits of natural active ingredients that are uncompromising on performance.
Our product range takes a new generation approach to hair care. A philosophy that looks to nature for solutions while staying firmly rooted in science. All of our formulations have been developed by a team of biotech experts and extensively tested in house with real-time feedback from our stylists and clients. Ensuring we deliver innovative products that work while being kind to your hair.

our salons

duck in

Duck & Dry is the brand behind the finest blow dries and updos in London. Our salons are known for their energy and buzz – as a go to place for great hair and a great time.
Our nests are located in London's most iconic areas - Chelsea, Mayfair, Islington, Soho and Spitalfields. Featuring interiors of urban chic, signature accents of pastels, marble and greenery. Complete with prosecco bar, group styling areas and signature egg pods.






note from the founder

Yulia Rorstrom

Duck & Dry ethos is about delivering service and products that make women look and feel great! I believe that great hair is an instant game changer - it can really transform the way you feel and can give that extra bounce in your step. My goal is to make beautiful hair more accessible and for hair products to become a part of women’s regular beauty regime.


How we are making a difference
At Duck & Dry, we care about our incredible planet as much as we care about your hair. It is important for us to stay true to our sustainable ethos at every step of the journey.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Our performance driven product range features botanicals and plant-based actives that are sustainably sourced from all over the World and are injected with scientific potency in our UK based laboratory.

Free From Parabens and SLS/ SLES: No ingredients are ‘bad’ as such but we have excluded some that can be deemed as too harsh for the long-term health of the hair.
Low Carbon: Our production plant uses low carbon emission technology which saves 85 tonnes of carbon each year.

Cruelty Free: All of our formula testing procedures at every stage of the production process are cruelty free.

Recyclable Materials: Our plastic and aluminium bottles are fully recyclable as well as our paper packaging.

Made in the UK: We make everything in small batches in the UK to support local community and reduce carbon footprint.



Ever wondered where the name Duck & Dry comes from? Who is behind the brand? And how it all started? Watch quick fire questions with our CEO, Yulia Rorstrom.