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your hair made better!

At Duck & Dry, having created thousands of blow dries in our salons, we believe in beautiful hair being accessible and in the power of hair products. Our ethos celebrates natural beauty and we believe everyone has beautiful hair.
All you need is the Duck & Dry touch and expert-led hair products to turn your hair into its best version yet!

Fuss -Free

We are here to take the scare out of hair products – trust us, our styling heroes:

~ wont make your hair sticky
~ are simple to use
~ aren’t greasy
Go on, try our hair products and evolve your shampoo-conditioner routine with fuss-free styling products!


After 8 years in the hair game, we know you love our blow dries and now you can create them yourself with a styling range developed with our know-how!

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This is how it all started – with our desire to make beautiful hair accessible. As London’s leading blow dry bar, you know where to go for great hair and a great time.
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About Our Founder

Yulia Rorstrom

“I’m not a hair stylist but as an avid hair-enthusiast I created Duck & Dry from the client perspective. I was on a mission to make beautiful hair accessible for all! Having seen thousands of blow dries created in our salons, I know the secret to gorgeous hair is the right product. We can all have beautiful locks and by confidently embracing hair products, like we have makeup and skincare, anyone can achieve salon results at home.”


How we are making a difference
At Duck & Dry, we care about our incredible planet as much as we care about your hair. It is important for us to stay true to our sustainable ethos at every step of the journey.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced: Our performance driven product range features botanicals and plant-based actives that are sustainably sourced from all over the World and are injected with scientific potency in our UK based laboratory.

Free From Parabens and SLS/ SLES: No ingredients are ‘bad’ as such but we have excluded some that can be deemed as too harsh for the long-term health of the hair.
Low Carbon: Our production plant uses low carbon emission technology which saves 85 tonnes of carbon each year.

Cruelty Free: All of our formula testing procedures at every stage of the production process are cruelty free.

Recyclable Materials: Our plastic and aluminium bottles are fully recyclable as well as our paper packaging.

Made in the UK: We make everything in small batches in the UK to support local community and reduce carbon footprint.



Ever wondered where the name Duck & Dry comes from? Who is behind the brand? And how it all started? Watch quick fire questions with our CEO, Yulia Rorstrom.