How To Make Your Blow Dries Last

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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: "why don't my blow dries last very long?" 

Before we get into the nitty gritty, it's important to clarify a few important things. Most women strive for silky, soft hair. However, unfortunately overly soft hair doesn't have any hold because it lacks texture and grip - the key components that allow your style to last. Nine times out of ten, if your hair is dropping very quickly, it's because it needs that essential texture and grip. 

From speaking to our clients, we know that they want their blow dries to last longer. We also know that they are scared to use styling products because they don't want their hair to become greasy or lank. This misconception prevents people from applying products that prep the hair for heat styling and ensure that their styles last as long as possible.

We use Blow Dry In A Bottle to create all of the styles in our salon. The unique all-in-one volume boosting formula plumps strands from root to tip and gives that all important texture and grip, allowing even the finest hair types to stay fuller for longer. 

It's also packed full of conditioning and strengthening ingredients like ginseng, honey locust and a blend of essential oils to add shine and improve hair health. To achieve salon standard hair at home, spray liberally through towel dried hair before blow drying and creating your desired style. We always suggest finishing off by setting your style with our Fix Your Quiff Hairspray. 


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